Which Burns Hotter, Love Or Hate?

Cole Fire: Cole Sage Mystery #6

Cole Fire: Cole Sage Mystery #6

A New Age Messiah is gunned down on the streets of San Francisco. When Cole Sage is asked to write the obituary it becomes apparent something is horribly wrong…the body has disappeared.

The faithful believe he will resurrect. Cynics think it’s a hoax. Can Cole get to The Truth?

A series of arsonist attacks on Asian businesses sends Cole to the gates of a fiery hell as he falls prey to the Vietnam Veteran who can’t put the horror of war to rest. What is his link to Cole Sage? 

Micheal Maxwell has found a niche in the mystery genre with The Cole Sage Series that departs from the usual, heavily sexual, profanity laced norm, and gives readers a character driven stories, with twists, turns, and page turning plot lines, but most of all a hero they can relate to and root for with each new case he finds himself involved in.

In the end which will burn hotter, love or hate? Read COLE FIRE and find out!

The Cole Sage Mystery Series started with Diamonds and Cole. Why not read them all? 

Interview with the Author

Q: This cover looks hot!

A: Very clever. Yes, Cole Sage finds himself in a real hot spot in Cole Fire! See, two can play that game.

Q: Seriously, what’s Cole up to this time?

A: There is a lot of talk today about Veterans and the care they aren’t receiving. The effects can be deadly as Cole finds out when a Vietnam Vet turns lethal arsonist on the Streets of San Francisco. To compound Cole’s problems, he’s trying to write the obituary of a popular New Age Messiah that’s been murdered. The problem is faithful have a big secret to hide.

Q: What makes this book, #6, in the series different?

A: This book really deals with current problems in America. War takes its toll on our returning military personnel in many different forms. Sadly, a lot of times it drives them to violence. We meet one such tortured soul in this book. 
We also have Cole facing the daunting task of writing the obituary for a New Age Messiah that has been gunned down on the streets of San Francisco. Cole is thrown into a world where what people truly believe and a cult of celebrity collide. Who is the power behind this man, and what is their real mission?
Between the two scenarios we are forced to decide what burns hotter, love or hate.

Q: Any chance of more romance with our mystery and suspense?

A: I’ve got a couple of surprises up my sleeve in this one!

Q: For people who haven’t read the previous Cole Sage Mysteries, can they read Cole Fire and not get lost?

A: Of course, all the books stand alone. But if anyone hasn’t read Diamonds and Cole, it is available free to download. I hope everyone grabs a copy. It’s always nice to see where the hero of a series came from.

Q: So what’s next for our friend Mr. Sage?

A: The next book Angolan Cole is in the works. This one, as the title implies, takes Cole way out of his comfort zone and into a war zone!

Q: So what would you like to say to your fans?

A: I would really like to thank everyone who has left reviews of my books. The people who love Cole Sage are the best advertising I can get. Reviews are vitally important for independent authors like me. Happy or not with the book, I still appreciate people who leave their own review of the book on the website where they purchased it. So, please don’t forget your reviews matter! They keep Cole coming back.

Q: I am really curious about Heart of Cole. Does Cole really get a new job?

A: You’ll have to read the book! Lol

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