How Far Would You Go To Save A Child?

Cellar Full of Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #2

Cellar Full of Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #2

The threads of child abuse go nationwide. When Cole Sage is caught in its violent web who will free him?

The chance for a new beginning makes the offer of a job on the West Coast an easy decision for Cole. But, from the start, Cole is thrown into an investigation of the senseless killings of three little girls in San Francisco.

Before he can say good-bye to the Windy City, the call for help from an old friend pits Cole against the seedy underworld of human trafficking and child abduction. 

Cellar Full of Cole finds Chicago and San Francisco connected by a pair of pedophiles with no respect for life, family, or the innocence of children. “Not getting involved” isn’t in Cole’s nature - but even helping solve one mystery, may not be enough to get him out of Chicago alive.

This tale of two cities puts Cole’s investigative skills to the ultimate test - and forces him to put his loyalty to his friends above the law. The question is, will he survive to write the story?

How far would you go to say a child?

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